Mark Cruth

Voice Actor and Keynote Speaker

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Meet Mark Cruth

If you're looking to leave an impact, whether with an audience or a listener, Mark Cruth is the talent you're searching for. A master voice artist and renowned public speaker, Mark can capture your audience and take them on a journey they will never forget. 


Powerful Voice

It's just what's your looking for!

Are you looking for that down-to-earth, guy next door voice for your next commercial? Or maybe it's that intense, yet sophisticated voice for your next thriller audiobook? 

Mark can provide a wide range of voice talent for your needs. Reach out to see how Mark can help you.

Commercial ReelMark Cruth
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Narration ReelMark Cruth
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A captivating storyteller for your audience

A world renowned keynote speaker, Mark can tell your audience a story they will remember long after your event ends. Topics that Mark has spoken on in the past include...

  • Storytelling in Product / UX / Org Design

  • Gamification in Organizational Change

  • Self-Management / Agile Concepts

  • Experimental Workshops

Interested? Reach out today and leave a Mark on your audience!